Thursday, September 8, 2011


So, we're southern. We have accents, and some things come out sounding absurd and hilarious, even to us.

One of those things is "purple drink." Don't know if it's found elsewhere, but it's a gallon jug of something called "purple drink."

One day my brother went a little heavy on his drawl, and it came out "PurpleDrank." Cue hilarious laughter. It has been an inside joke ever since.

I was playing around the other day with some MSC, and came up with a look I have since dubbed "PurpleDrank."

Here's how it works:

As always, start with a clean, naked face.

Assemble your tools.  L to R we have Urban Decay's Skyscraper mascara, random khol eyeliner in black, Urban Decay primer potion, NYX shadow base in pearl, and the assortment of brushes I randomly picked.  Again you see my small contour brush, small pencil brush, medium pencil brush, floofy brush, and double ended wide pencil/wide contour brush.  Also included is a brow/lash comb combo, because lashes ain't peanut butter, loves.  There should be no chunks.

Maybelline brow powder in light brown, and that's actually a medium-stiff concealer brush.  Works perfectly.

I call this one "Lexie," since she's the one that frankened it.

Madd Style Cosmetix's "Pixie."

MSC's "Bitch Slap."

MSC's "X-ray Spex" for highlight/contour.

Apply UDPP.  Smoosh around, up into brows, down to lower lash bed.

Apply the NYX shadow base.  You can use anything creamy at this point, really.  I'm just in love with the NYX shadow bases.  Now I need them to make one in pewter and one in black.  Le Sigh.  Anyways, you're going to finger blend this after you apply it evenly with your brush.  (I didn't list it above because I'm a dumbass, but this is a large, stiff concealer brush.  It's excellent for picking up a decent amount of product and applying it in an even layer.)

Now you want to use your medium and large pencil brushes and pick up a decent amount of Lexie, or similar light shimmer pink.  Draw an imaginary grid of vertical thirds.  You want to keep the Lexie in the innermost thirds of your eyes, and use the medium pencil brush to get it in your duct area.

Next comes Pixie.  Now, I don't know about ya'll, but I always end up with a cleaner column on my right eye than I do my left.  If you have a similar problem, don't wipe and re-do.  Just make sure you're getting the same amount of pigment on there, even if you've got mega messy lines.

Add in the Bitch Slap.  Now, as you can see, it's hella messy.  My hands shake a lot sometimes, so more often than not my initial stages look like above.  Most people wouldn't show you this in a tutorial.  I'm not most people, though, and I think you guys should all see what awesome comes from such a hot mess.

Do some preliminary smudging with your fingers.  Fingers were made before forks, friends.  Always remember that.  You want your hands to be clean, but the natural oil of your skin will help soften some of the lines that may not always buff away with a brush.  Use a super, super light touch, and pull the outer colors in.  So, you'd pull Lexie into Pixie, and Bitch Slap into Pixie.

NOW go over it with a floofy brush.  In a look like this with subtle shade differences, you want to be very careful to not muddy it up.  Again, you're going to pull, not push, and use a flick motion with the propulsion coming from your wrists.
Here is what you should be looking at after the pull blending.  Notice a bit of distortion.  There is help, though! Keep going through the steps with me.

So now you use your eyeliner of choice and line your lower lash bed.  I don't do upper lash lining well, but if YOU do, now would be the time.  Winged liner, which looks funny on my face, would work beautimously, too.

So now that you've lined, you're going to take your small pencil brush first and dip it into your Bitch Slap.  Tap it off fairly well - you only want enough color to set the Kohl. Starting at the duct, using a sketching outward motion, lay that over your liner until you're about a quarter away from the outside of your lid.  You know, the < part.  Then you're going to switch off, and starting at the half-way point, you want to continue with the sketching motion so that you just blend the color down to the edge of your lash bed.

Now, you can't see it well, but you're going to take the very wide contour brush and you're going to sweep some Xray Spex along your orbital bone for highlight.  Blend that by pulling down into the purples.  DO NOT WINDSHIELD WIPER IT.  Remember how I said that you have to be super careful not to make things muddy?  Yeah.  Resist the up and down motion.

Put the rest of your face on, put your glasses on if you have 'em, and rock out with your clock out!

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