Tuesday, September 27, 2011


September is Signature September over at the Madd Style Cosmetix facebook page for us Madd Cat Models!!

My signature look is rather uncreatively called "MerMe." Sorry, ya'll - I can't be 100% awesome ALL the time. Then I'd be competing with Mo!

This look uses my signature and custom color, Pisces.  See, I'm a Pisces, and my birth stone is an Aquamarine.  It's been my dream since forever that my engagement ring, should I decide that marriage is an option, (which it may be,) be an aquamarine with diamond accents, set in a pale yellow gold. (Second-loved, of course.  I don't believe in contributing to the further mining of "precious" resources such as gems and metals.)

This ring was the inspiration, even though it lacked the sparkle of diamonds.  Therefore, Mo added some holo glitter, and Pisces was born!

So, as always, start with a clean, naked face.

Then assemble your tools and your products.

Those are all pretty self explanatory, especially if you've followed me for a little while now.  All pigments used are by Madd Style Cosmetix.  The gray base is NYX's Jumbo Eye Crayon that has been de-potted in the color Pots and Pans.  I'm also using a new product - ELF's under eye concealer and brightener in light.

Prime and conceal.  The primer was applied to both upper and lower lids, and brought up into my brows.  The under eye concealer was blended with fingertips only.

Then on goes the Pots and Pans!  I wanted it to be fairly opaque, so instead of blending with fingers, I used my stiff concealer brush to blend as well as apply.

Pisces and Waffle.  Pisces is used on the inner corner.  Pat that on fairly thick - it will blend out to nothing but the slightest glimmer if you're too conservative.  Do the opposite with Waffle - it's a very saturated, bold color.  Use your very large floofy brush and blend outward using single-stroke sketch motions.

Once you've blended the Pisces and Waffle, use your small floofy brush and pat on Final Fantasy.  You want to accentuate the gray, so blend pretty hardcore.  (Hardcore as in a lot, not with great force.)  That you'll want to bring inward, flicking from the wrist in single strokes. 

Now, I muddied it up a bit (sometimes it happens!) so the corrective measures I took were to just touch up the pisces and the waffle.  Imagine making an F without the -, facing your duct.  Then cozy another one up next to it in Waffle and Pisces, respectively.  blend barely with fingertip.

Line that top and bottom lid!.  Bottom lid is LIGHTLY lined with black Kohl.  Using your angled brush, line the upper lid/lash bed with Jubilee.  You want a thin but defined line there.

Once you've done your preliminary lining, you want to use your Double Rainbow to go over the bottom lash line.  I couldn't find my regular foiling medium, sadly.  Necessity is the mother of invention, though, and that's where my clear lash/brow mascara came in.  I put a bit on the back of my hand, dipped my brush in it, and picked up some Double Rainbow to mix in and create a gel.  Then I lined OVER the Kohl on the bottom lid.

Once the Double Rainbow dried, I applied my mascara.  Two coats, and then using the brush end of the lash tool, I separated and defined any lashes that may have inadvertently clumped.  Eyelashes ain't peanut butter, they're not supposed to be chunky.

Lastly, on go the brows.  I got a bit more of the clear lash/brow mascara on a clean part of the back of my hand, dipped my brush in it, and picked up some of the Maybelline brow powder.  It stuck like magic and did so much more for definition!  Not sure why I didn't think of that before, but I'm glad I've got it figured out now.

Add the glasses!  It was requested recently that I offer looks with both slim AND chunky framed glasses, so that will be a regular feature from now on!

Sans glasses!

A bit of a closer view.

Remember, your signature look is all about expressing YOU.  Have fun when finding your own style, and thanks for admiring mine!  Stay Madd!

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