Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A doll of a look.

When I came up with the anti-tutorial I did earlier this week, the request was also made that I base a look off of the children's movie, Toy Story 3.

On with the show!!!!
Left to right, top tp bottom: NYX Jumbo crayon in Black Bean, depotted; NYX shadow base in white, UDPP, Physician's formula plentifull mascara in black brown, Maybelline Great Lash in clear, ELF highlighter and under eye concealer; Wet n Wild Kohl in black, random silver glitter liner; MSC Honey Badger, MSC Frankenstein, Jem collection Blue and Yellow, MSC Kick Ass, MSC Third Wish, and MSC Pot O' Gold.

Assemble your tools next!

Kinda self explanatory, no?

I also (always) keep a high quality toner and soft cloth available to me at all times for makeup oopses, brush cleaning, etc.

Prime the entire eye from eyebrow down to the dark circles.

That ELF concealer works pretty damn well!

Apply your white base and blend up and out, but not under.

 Now go for your black base.

Apply only to the outer half of your lids, making sure to keep a pretty crisp line. 

Blend evenly!!!

Pick up some Jem yellow.

And some Honey Badger.

Apply like so.  Be mindful that you use a heavy hand - this look needs to really pop.

Place your Kick Ass at the outer corner, and make sure that you apply it equally as heavily as you did Jem yellow and Honey Badger.

Now grab your Jem Blue.  


Now, my little wizards, you're going to make blending magic.  I windshield wipered the yellow-orange-red and blended the crease both down and up the orbital process.

I also applied third wish just under my brow bone as a highlight.

Once that was done, I foiled Frankenstein into a top liner.  Since my Awesome Sauce is sadly missing, I used clear Maybelline Great Lash as my foiling medium.

Then I lined my lower lash bed with black Kohl.
See, kohl liners are awesome not only for their smoothe application, but also for the amount of control you can exert on the color saturation.  In this case, I wanted it slightly understated.

A light line of kohl provided for a stunning base for the sparkly gel liner.

Brows and lashes time, darlings!

Et voila!  You don't want to separate the lashes much - that helps to add the little bit of theatrical umph, giving you an awesome doll-like quality. Now go make some popcorn, sit your hiney down, and put on TS3 while you do your own version of this look.  Have fun, and always STAY MADD!

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