Friday, September 30, 2011

Spring Mix in Autumn! Quick and Dirty style.

You know, I always swore I'd never let my meal for the day dictate what I wore.

TOTES a liar. I had a spring mix salad the other day, and damned if that purple lettuce didn't just seal the deal for me.

Little known Jalackie fact - The music I most often listen to when doing my makeup is P!nk or Katy Perry.  Yep yep.


Products!  As always, all eye color is by Madd Style Cosmetix.  (No, seriously, I don't own anything else.  No lie.)

NYX Pots and pans for a base over UDPP!

Make sure it's evenly applied and well blended.  You definitely need opaque coverage, as the colors you're going to use are pretty sheer.

Top to bottom: MSC Silver Haze, MSC Lotus Bloom, MSC Weird Science 

 Do you remember the rule of vertical thirds? Silver Haze goes in the inner thirds, while Lotus Bloom comprises your middle thirds.

Next you're going to whipe out your Weird Science.

This will be your final, outer third.

You want to really bring that in to the other colors.

Next, add your brows, lashes, and liner (Liner is in plum!)

There you go!  This is a wonderful day OR evening look, it's simple for even those of us who are at our most beginning stages of application, and it looks really, really good with our spex, be they chunky or slim!  Be well, and Stay Madd!!!!

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