Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Selebrities: Skelekrissi!

There are certain people on the web who are nearly cult celebrities.  Artists, musicians, music mavens, authors... they come in all forms.  Our Saturday Selebrity (YES I know I spelled that incorrectly,) is none other than Krissi of Skelekitty fame.  I asked her some time ago to do a look using purple and red for me, to prove to me that it's possible to make it look good.  She obliged, and it was definite inspiration for this drag-queen-esque look.  I wanted.. no, NEEDED, something quite sparkly and bold to make myself feel better.  Now I share it with you!

Not pictured: Madd Style Cosmetix Kick Ass, MSC Bitch Slap, MSC Sparkle Motion, NYX Shadow base in white, UDPP, and MSC Awesome Sauce, Essence liquid liner in black, Wet n Wild loose holo glitter.

Apply your UDPP and your Shadow Base, with a VERY THIN layer of Awesome Sauce from lid to orbital bone.  Let it dry to tackiness.

Then apply Kick Ass to your inner halves of your eyelids.

Apply Bitch Slap to the outer halves, and gently blend the two where they meet in the middle.

Apply your Sparkle Motion from duct to orbital bone.

Blend the Sparkle Motion gently downward.  Photos do none of these colors justice.  The sparkle is literally knock-your-eyes-out.  Also take this moment to add a thick cat-eye winged liner on top of both eyes.

Now you want to pick up the loose glitter on the brush end of a brow/lash tool.  Using a touch of UDPP first, brush the glitter into your brows.  Add mascara and a little black tight-line on bottom, and voila!

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