Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sandcastles - beachy nudes for blustery cold days!

Ya'll know the drill by now.  Products!  ELF Under eye concealer, Rimmel London waterproof liner in brown, Physician's formula mascara in Black Brown.  Madd Style Cosmetix: Desert Punk, Secret Sinner, Dirty Beats, and Birf'day Suit. MSC Awesome Sauce. NYX Shadow base in nude.  Brow powder in hazel. UDPP.
Place a drop of awesome sauce in the NYX shadow base pot.  Smoosh it around really well, and then...
Apply to entire lid.
Blend really well!
Starting out with the Desert Punk, apply to entire lid.
Then fill in the outer middle to corner with Secret Sinner.  Blend, but not toooo much. 
Next, at the barest minimum of the outer v and into the crease, blend in Dirty Beats.  Bring that over nearly to your inner duct, being careful not to make monochromatic mud.
Tightline your lower lash line with waterproof pencil.

Apply brows, mascara, and under eye brightener/concealer.

Et voila!  A lovely, beachy nude look, perfect for wear in the winter as well as the summer.  I hope looks like this one keep you warm on the coldest of days!  Stay warm, and STAY MADD! <3

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