Thursday, November 10, 2011

Summertime Blues

It's winter down here in Florida.  Daylight is lack luster, and it's dark by 5:15 PM.  For a gal who is used to evening temps of 90 or more, this is death on my mental health.  I suffer from SAD, and my order of full-spectrum bulbs has yet to come in.

In light (HA!) of that, I decided to give summer one last hurrah with some bright and bold blues.

We've got the usual suspects: UDPP, NYX Shadow base, Brown liner, Physician's Formula mascara, ELF under eye concealer, MSC Awesome Sauce, but some brand-new to this blog piggies! MSC's Third Wish, Cry Baby, Seaglasm, Nirvana, and Horror Galore!  Also used is MSC Uber Boss Lip Gloss in Pink Ladies.

Blurry Brushes!  Sometimes my camera cooperates.  Sometimes... sometimes not so much.

With a touch of Awesome Sauce, spread on the NYX base so you have fairly opaque coverage.

On the inner half of your lids, pat on Seaglasm.  Again, go for opaque coverage.  If you're like me, sometimes you just really need POP to bring up your spirits.

Using the same intensity, add Nirvana to your outer lid.

Last steps, line first with brown pencil, setting the pencil with Horror Galore.  Dab a bit of Cry Baby in  your ducts, and highlight with Third Wish.

Put on your gloss of choice, sit on the swing, and bask in the remaining daylight hours.  Heck, as long as it's above 70 degrees, fix a lemonade and REALLY pretend!