Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Witching Hour

I figured since the moon is full, something witchy should this way come.

I have a piece of fabric that I love love love to death.  It's a simple witch, with a dark blue dress.  The colors are inspiring, and so I figured hell... inspiration from dog coats is weird, inspiration from a piece of fabric is not.

As ALWAYS, start with a clean, dry face.

Then assemble your tools and products! UDPP, NYX base in white, MSC: Jubilee, Dark Crystal Citrine, Birf'day Suit, Mudd Slinger Unicorns and Glitter, Never Ending Summer, and Ruby. Soft brown liner for waterline, Awesome Sauce, and Physician's Formula PlentyFULL mascara in black brown.

Something I should mention... I don't always use all of the brushes I pull.  However, I never know what I'll need when I'm doing the look, so I grab a good assortment for what I  *MIGHT* use.

One eye with the NYX white base blended, the other with it NOT blended.


Blendy blendy!

Line your waterline with a plain dark brown liner. DO NOT USE WATERPROOF UNLESS YOU WANT BROWN EYE BOOGERS FOR DAYS.  Not that I know from experience or nuttin.

Apply Never Ending Summer to the inner half of your lid.

Then add Citrine from the Dark Crystal collection, overlapping the middle third with the NES.

You want it to look like this when you're done, before you blend.

Blend with super fluffy angle brush.  Since you're going yellow into yellow, you don't really have to worry about muddying anything up.

Pull out your Dark Crystal Ruby.  Tap some out so you can saturate your brush, but not over do it.

Use a crease brush - I used my white Sonia Kashuk - and blend from the outer corner up to the crease, and across the orbital bone with swift back and forth motions.  Use your fingers to further blend down into the Yellows.

Next up, you want to like the top AND bottom lash beds with your Jubilee, mixed with Awesome Sauce for foiling.

Like so!  Note that it's a very, very fine and thin like.  You want the main focus to be on your lids, not your lash line.

Cheese it up, baybee!!!!

Highlight with Birf'day Suit.  You can't really tell it's there, except for where it blends down into the Ruby on your orbital bone.

Ta Daaa!!!!  With glasses!  Please also ignore the roots I have goin on in my hair, there. I have since re-colored and the gray is gone! Yay!

Closed eyes!

Try this look out, and then fan the MSC page on Facebook!  Show us what you've got!

As always, loves... stay warm and STAY MADD!

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