Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reef-er Madness

Whilst waiting in my local after hours clinic the other day, I encountered a lovely finned friend in their gargantuan reef tank called a Royal Dottyback.  Stunning! She was definite inspiration, but I won't lie... I have a blending compulsion, and super bright colors are a challenge for me.

Isn't she lovely?

Products! MSC Jem Purple, Pop Tarte, Nana's Tea Party, and Sparkle Motion; NYX eye shadow base in White; UDPP; MSC Awesome Sauce; Kohl Liner in black; Sparkle liquid liner.

Brushes used!  I actually photographed these right after the tutorial, so as to make what I use and don't use a little more clear.  About time I had this idea, no? =P

I had already applied my UDPP for another look I was going to do, but decided to do this as a pictorial instead.  So, put on your primer, and let it dry.  Then apply the NYX White base relatively thickly.  We want those colors to jump out and hi-five your face.

See? nice and opaque.

Next you're going to grab your JEM purple.  above is my dot of awesome sauce - mix the JEM purple with that, creating an almost liquid paste.

Apply the liquipaste.  Bring it out about half-way through your pupils.

Then apply your Pop Tarte, going above the JEM Purple into the crease.  You may blend a tiny bit, but truth be told, I even blended it out too much.

Closer look.

Then lightly apply black liner.  This gives something for the next step to stick to, and acts as a guide for you.

MOAR AWESOME SAUCE!  Notice how the bead is irridescent in this?  This is because Nana's Tea Party has a multi-color shift, both a little green and pink.  GORGEOUS.  Anyway, mix this to a thick liquid, as you'll be using it for...

...Liquid liner!

Next, bring Sparkle Motion from your duct up to your orbital bone in a single, sweeping motion. Barely bring it down into the Pop Tarte.

Et Voila! Reef fish beauty!

With glasses! Forgive the lack of makeup and grumpy face - migraines suck.

Oh, okay, I'll smile just for ya'll. ;)   

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